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Turn Word Documents into PowerPoint Slides with a single click

Need to turn a report into a PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of fuss? Read on

A client recently had to set up a presentation quickly. She already had a Word document with the key content but little time to type it up again in PowerPoint

No problem, secret button to the rescue!

The key is to start with a Word document that uses styles. For example, all the main headings might use the Heading 1 style, subheadings use Heading 2 style etc.

In Word, go to the Quick Access Toolbar (that’s the little one at the top left of the window with the Save and Undo buttons)

Click the down arrow at the end and click More commands

Under Choose commands from: select Commands not in the Ribbon

Find the Send to Microsoft PowerPoint command and click Add to add it to your Quick Access Toolbar, then click OK

Back in the document, click the Send to Microsoft PowerPoint button and wait a moment

In PowerPoint, here’s what happened:

  • Heading 1 text becomes slide Titles
  • Heading 2 text becomes primary bullets
  • Heading 3 and 4 become 2nd and 3rd level bullets respectively
  • Unformatted text is not sent, you just want the key content anyway. Images, tables, etc are not sent

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