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ABA Professional
ABA Professional
06:08 17 Sep 21
Mark was a fantastic facilitator and even though had been using Excel for years and years, I learnt so many new features that I didn’t know even existed. Can’t wait to put these new skills into practice. Thanks so much for delivering a great training session, Connie 🙂read more
Kerri Guy
Kerri Guy
02:04 09 Sep 21
I completed Articulate Storyline training with Mark. As an IT Trainer myself, I am quite judgemental on other trainers, however can say without hesitation that Mark is the best trainer that I have undertaken training with. He was friendly, relaxed and most importantly, very patient with the stragglers in our group. The training was conducted online, which is not easy to do, and Mark kept it engaging with plenty of time for discussion and questions. I would thoroughly recommend Keystroke Learning for any training needs.read more
Taiitsukun F
Taiitsukun F
06:10 08 Sep 21
The presenter Mark is very engaging and patient.Training regarding Articulate was really insightful.Thank you for your sharing your knowledge with us. 🙂read more
Thomas Seymour
Thomas Seymour
05:46 01 Sep 21
Just finished a course in Office 365 suite with Mark. It was highly informative and enjoyable as a learning experience. Great teacher, knowledgeable and engaging. Thoroughly recommend to anyone who is looking to improve their software skills and understanding.read more
Marissa Rundle
Marissa Rundle
05:44 01 Sep 21
Excellent online full day workshop on the workings of Sharepoint. Thanks Mark.
Nicholas Renwick
Nicholas Renwick
00:45 12 Jul 21
Took their InDesign course, it was fantastic
sanam karamally
sanam karamally
00:44 03 Dec 20
Highly recommended!Amazing content and superb delivery!! 🙂
Integria Health Care Analytics
Integria Health Care Analytics
04:36 30 Nov 20
Fantastic Learning experience, thank you very much to Keystroke Learning.
KM Hadley
KM Hadley
06:40 28 Aug 20
Fantastic way to get the training you need, even remotely. Content was relevant, very knowledgeable instructor, and the pace was just right. Will definitely be a return customer.read more
Bec Mosen
Bec Mosen
23:43 22 Jun 20
The Creative Cloud course is fantastic, as a complete beginner, I found all things Creative Cloud overwhelming but after the course have the confidence (and ability) to do work previously outsourced! Massive thank you to Brendon for patiently sharing his knowledge.read more
Clemente Gilbert
Clemente Gilbert
05:45 03 Apr 20
Really really good online training sessions on Microsoft Teams, good pace, a lot of content, functionality, and capability. Excellent responding to any questions and interaction with participants. Highly recommend this provider. Our training sessions brought our users up-to-speed to become advanced beginner to advanced intermediate level in 1 3 hour session, and even have follow-up services and responses to questions thereafter.read more
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Great instructors every time I have had the chance to come for a workshop, regardless of the level of course or content.
A. Yusef
Microsoft Excel – Charts and Tables
Mark walked us through the course thoroughly, provided us with useful, practical Access tips to use. He gave us lots of opportunities to ask questions and for clarification. The small group setting was suitable and conducive for learning.
D. Choo
Microsoft Access - Advanced
Very worthwhile. Learned lots of time-saving techniques which will apply to other areas of the Office suite. Have learned tips I am looking forward to sharing with other members of my team.
F. Cylich
Microsoft Word - Creating Eye Catching Documents
Brendon is excellent, he knows his stuff and is clearly passionate about teaching. He is approachable and answered all our questions. He highlighted the most appropriate areas and always mentioned real life examples. D. Fonceca Microsoft Excel – Pivot Tables
Brilliant! Added in so many extra ideas, concepts, and shortcuts! Really useful information. I look forward to creating a project to show my team on what I have learnt today!
K. Scott
TechSmith Camtasia - Introduction Workshop
Thanks very much for your teachings today. I have learnt many things that I will be able to take back to work and use immediately. You were able to relate to everyone in the group so that we could apply back to real life. Your training was entertaining and I was engaged for the whole day. I look forward to returning for further training. Thanks again.
B. Balogun
Microsoft Excel - Introduction
Very helpful – I could incorporate and share real life scenarios and issues into the session. An enthusiastic instructor was great as he was genuinely interested in our learning and development.
J. Hwang
Microsoft Excel – Building Excel Dashboards
I really appreciated the hints and tips in addition to the content of the course. The information was presented to me as it would relate to my role as an instructional designer.
D. Woolard
Microsoft Word – Getting Started with Word
Thank you the training was great and I learnt a lot. Even the topics covered that I already felt comfortable with prior to the course I was able to pick up additional tips or hints that are useful. Thanks again.
A. Kandi
Articulate Storyline - Advanced Workshop
Mark was a wonderful trainer, who was very patient and demonstrated some great and very relevant hints, tricks and processes that I will be able to immediately implement in my daily work. He was very professional and easy to follow when carrying out exercises and examples. I really enjoyed my day!
G. Kendall
Microsoft Word - Fast Formatting with Styles
Brendon was great, made everyone feel comfortable and I felt really confident that I had a better understanding of Excel at the end of the class. I’m keen to come back and learn more about how to create pivot tables using external data.
A. Knight
Microsoft Excel – Lookup and Reference Functions
This was an excellent course. I would highly recommend it to my friend/family. Everything was explained really well in an easy to understand manner, proved that he knew what he was talking about but not in an intimidating manner, more in a “I’m here to help” way.
N. Ryan
Articulate Storyline - Fundamentals Workshop
This session was extremely beneficial to me, and Mark was an excellent instructor. He made sure that everyone in the group was comfortable with a theory/idea before moving on, and was more than happy to take time and answer questions/give demonstrations. Overall, this session was very useful, and I am glad that I attended.
L. Young
Microsoft Excel – Beyond the Basics
I’ve was very impressed with the course and also the facilitator and have learnt a lot in a short space of time that is valuable to me on an everyday basis. I will highly recommend to my colleagues and looking forward to passing on my newly acquired knowledge!
J. Brown
Microsoft Word - Intermediate
Very insightful course and learnt a lot. Instructor was great and was happy to answer questions related to individuals work.
L. McCarthy
Microsoft Excel – Getting Started with Excel
Super facilitator. Great engagement, pace, and descriptions of seemingly complex examples. He made it all very clear.
C. Hain
Microsoft Word - Intermediate
Instructor was fantastic – good mix of presenting and allowing the group to undertake practical tasks. The right amount of questions of the group balanced nicely with the general presentation.
D. Matthews
Microsoft Office Online
This is my second class with Mark and I can honestly rate him as one of the best trainers I have had. He is more than willing to help with everything and answered all of my questions with confidence and surety.
S. Hohneck
Microsoft Word - Building Word Templates
Anaconda has used Keystroke Learning for Microsoft Excel and also Adobe InDesign training. We’ve had consistently great feedback from learners about the quality of the facilitators & learning. Thank you Keystroke Learning.
A. Rowe
Adobe Photoshop & Adobe InDesign
I really enjoyed this class. I learnt a lot and will definitely reach out to Keystroke Learning if I require any additional training.
S. Moten
Adobe Photoshop - Getting Started with Photoshop
The feedback from the group was very positive with comments that the content was good, resources appreciated, and that the day was delivered with the right level of direction and humour. Once again, many thanks for the day.
J. Smallwood
Microsoft Excel - Customised
I have learned to save at least 50% of my day using the functions of Excel.
A. Van Geyzel
Microsoft Excel - Managing Data
Mark Finney was excellent. Very thorough and made the presentation easy to follow as well as entertaining. I really enjoyed the course, Thank You.
A. Nedanovska
Microsoft PowerPoint – Animations with PowerPoint
Great trainer and style, informal and approachable, responsive to questions but stayed on track and within time. Particularly good at clear explanations without jargon and checking in with existing knowledge of trainees.
A. McVeigh
Microsoft Project - Introduction
Fantastic course! Brilliant presenter! Kept me interested for the entire course, amazed at how you can get Excel to work for you and not you work for it.
A. Sioutkos
Microsoft Excel – Recording Macros and Templates
A friendly and approachable facilitator who made the learning process both informative and interesting. The bonus of a small class enabled full participation and interaction with the facilitator.
L. Ryder
Microsoft OneNote - Introduction
The course answered all my questions. Mark was very good at explaining things, and being the one student I was very fortunate to have Mark explaining things to me 1 to 1. The pace was good, and I really feel like I’ve learnt a lot that I can action back at work.
C. May
Microsoft Outlook - Introduction
Small class size made interaction easy – appreciated the ability to progressively ask questions and have immediate answers to problems.
G. Coleman
Articulate Storyline - Advanced Workshop
I can’t fault Brendon at all, he was simply brilliant and taught the course in a very thoughtful/respectful manner (even for a beginner like myself).
O. Kong
Adobe Illustrator - Introduction
Our training consultant went above and beyond with our training, teaching additional things outside of the outlined course.
A. Blet
Google Apps Workshop
The overall training session was great and well presented. The presenter really knew his subject well and was informative. Really enjoyed the whole experience.
B. Susanto
Adobe Photoshop - Introduction
I have to tell you the computer courses were all a hit. The trainer was fantastic. He was funny, he was patient, well spoken, really knew his work and he just made the class enjoyable.
M. Jones
Microsoft Office 365 Workshop
Fantastic Course which has definitely “doubled my productivity” when it comes to creating PowerPoint presentations.
S. Taylor
Microsoft PowerPoint - Introduction
Well-presented by Mark. Clear, easy to understand and friendly!
J. Oakley
Computer Fundamentals
Enjoyed the training session and picked up some really valuable tips.
B. Denison
Microsoft Word - Advanced
The trainer was able to keep both of us engaged throughout the whole content. He ensured that he was thorough in his explanations and took the time to answer all questions and help when necessary. I felt comfortable throughout the whole day, knowing that I would be supported.
G. Apolloni
Adobe Dreamweaver - Introduction
Mark was a great facilitator and made everyone feel very comfortable and involved. He explained the concepts extremely clearly and well.
J. Chaitowitz
Microsoft Word – Mail Merge and Macros
Mark, thank you so much for the information and practical instruction provided today. I have been shown all the tips, tricks, and attributes in that have eluded me when I was busy working on troublesome Word documents. I intend to put the information given today into practice.
J. Delmenico
Microsoft Word - Introduction
The overall training session was great and well presented. The presenter really knew his subject well and was informative. Really enjoyed the whole experience.
B. Susanto
Microsoft Word – Reviewing Documents with Word
Mark’s style is great. Easy to follow. He is also good at teaching you the best or easiest way of doing things and constantly reiterating that during the course so that it sticks in your mind.
A. Carmichael
Adobe InDesign - Getting Started with InDesign
Consultant was great and kept us involved despite it being a Friday at the end of a very long week.
J. Stevens
Microsoft Outlook - Getting started with Outlook
Great course, really informative and friendly instructor. Really appreciated that he had workplace experience and didn’t just know the software.
H. Mills
Microsoft Excel – IF Functions & Conditional Formatting
This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. The venue, materials & facilitation was excellent. I recommend this training to anyone considering this course.
J. Smith
WordPress Introduction Workshop
Excellent course content and very easy to follow. Trainer made learning and example simply and easy to follow.
J. Fitzpatrick
Microsoft Word – Working with Long Documents
Brendon presented a very good course, well-paced and enjoyable.
P. Turner
Microsoft SharePoint - Workshop
Instructor’s pace was at the right level for training and ensured we understood each learning topic before continuing. Linked back to the workplace to ensure we adapted into our daily use and explained each topic clearly.
N. Morris
Microsoft Project - Introduction
Mark was really well versed and was able to answer questions that weren’t even in the list of topics. He was really encouraging and positive throughout the day! Well worth the time and even better than it could be run at our facility as we were able to get more time in doing this rather than trying to travel somewhere else.
T. Lowther
Microsoft Excel - Intermediate
This is my second class with Brendon and I can honestly rate him as one of the best trainers I have had. He is more than willing to help with everything and answered all of my questions with confidence and surety.
S. Hohneck
Moodle Course Creator Workshop
Instructor was fantastic – good mix of presenting and allowing the group to undertake practical tasks. The right amount of questions of the group balanced nicely with the general presentation.
D. Matthews
Microsoft Office Online
Great knowledge of advanced PowerPoint techniques. Best outcomes were the relationship between PowerPoint and other Microsoft products.
H. Nicholls
Microsoft PowerPoint - Advanced Workshop
Well-paced course – facilitator was excellent and I learned a lot more than I expected to.
E. Hayes
Microsoft Visio - Introduction
Great course and an even better trainer. Terrific pace and content.
A. Day
Microsoft Excel - Advanced
This was a really great class and I learnt a lot. The content was appropriate and really helpful. I found the shortcuts and information on formatting and consolidating worksheets etc. very beneficial for my job. Really great class.
F. Macaskill
Articulate Storyline - Intermediate Workshop
The Presenter was very knowledgeable and professional. The Course was well constructed and delivered. A very pleasant Presenter.
K. Browne
Moodle Administrator Workshop
Mark was a great trainer, he knew his material and was passionate about sharing it with us. He was also very good at assessing our skills and needs and adjusting the pace of the course accordingly.
A. Whelan
Adobe Acrobat - Introduction
Brendon was very knowledgeable and set a nice pace. The extra shortcuts and tips were excellent. The activities were also very helpful to apply the learning. I feel positive about moving forward with my projects and what I need to achieve.
H. Adamson
Articulate Storyline - Fundamentals Workshop
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