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Microsoft Training Courses

Microsoft Training courses Melbourne

Microsoft Corporation was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Albuquerque, New Mexico, US on April 4, 1975. Today, its famous headquarters are located in Redmond, Washington, US.

Since its inception, this corporation has played a pivotal role in software development and the digital world as we know it today. It is a multinational technology company that manufactures, develops and sells computer software, consumer electronics, and personal computers.

Microsoft Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office software package that includes Word, Excel PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook the personal information manager, as well as InternetExplorer and Microsoft Edge web browsers are just some of the famous products by this IT giant that still dominates the global market.

Microsoft Training Computer Courses

Microsoft Training Courses

Have you ever wondered how to create business documents, presentations, spreadsheets and other company files and templates?

Even though Microsoft software applications are universal in the modern world and on most people’s desktops, not everyone can use them to their full extent.

It’s like playing the guitar – just because someone can strum a few chords and play a couple of easy songs doesn’t mean that they can actually perform more difficult songs or solos, let alone jazz or classical music pieces.

Microsoft Training Courses - Keystroke Learning

Likewise, each of us can type in Word or create a simple PowerPoint presentation, but who can really make use of all complex functions in Excel or efficiently store information in Access?

That is why Microsoft computer courses are the best way to learn some of the more advanced features of these powerful programs.

Indeed, our Microsoft computer training courses allow our participants to engage, interact and get constructive feedback, all of which have proved to be invaluable. Moreover, if you participate in the best Microsoft training courses, you will most certainly take your skills to an advanced level. Again, you probably know how to use Word for simple tasks, but can you build a template in it?

There are numerous features that not many people can teach you appropriately. We assure you that you will be surprised when you find out all the features and functions of these seemingly simple software applications, let alone when you learn how to use them effectively.

Do you need to analyse and store data, summarise expenses or quickly sort and filter a list?

Microsoft Excel is used for precisely this purpose. You can also perform powerful analytical tasks and data visualisations using Microsoft Power BI.  

If instead, you need to create business documents such as reports or letters, Microsoft Word is the leading word processing software on the market. For your next presentation, PowerPoint is the way to go, and it’s likely that you already use Microsoft Outlook to organise your email, scheduling, and contacts. If you are using Office 365, then you already have these tools at your fingertips.

You can add digital note-taking to your toolbox by using OneNote for your meeting notes and research. Microsoft Visio is used to create professional looking business diagrams such as flow charts and organisation charts, while Microsoft Project will help you to set up and manage your next project, and Microsoft Access is used to store and manage large data sets. Finally, to help make all this information available to your team and allow for true collaboration, to help you make all this information available to your team and provide true collaboration, you can use Microsoft Teams or Microsoft SharePoint.

Beginner to Intermediate Advanced Microsoft Training Courses

Beginner to Advanced Microsoft Training Courses

Some of our courses are aimed towards beginners, while some of them are more advanced courses.

Accordingly, in our introductory courses, we teach participants how to use basic functions of these programs, whereas our advanced Microsoft training courses are designed to suit those users who already have a solid foundation of skills.

However, what we can say from our extensive experience is that there is always something new to learn. Whatever your current skill level is, rest assured that you will walk out of the training room with far more knowledge and confidence than you had before the course.

In addition, we have designed courses that are focused on specific aspects of a software application, such as Pivot Tables in Excel or templates in Word. This way, our participants can choose to learn only those features that they really need.

Our participants always walk out of the classroom feeling confident of their new skills. Our approach is professional, yet friendly and personalised. We are proud that our clients consistently rate our courses as among the best Microsoft training courses they have attended, if not the best.

Microsoft Training Computer Programs

Microsoft Training Programs

Have you ever wondered how to create business documents, presentations, spreadsheets and other company files and templates?

Microsoft Access – an information management tool to store data for reference, analysis, and reporting
Microsoft Excel – used to organise, calculate and analyse data, sort lists and build charts
Microsoft Office 365 – a subscription-based suite of office applications including Office 2016
Microsoft OneNote – a digital notebook to store and manage content from virtually any source
Microsoft Outlook – manage email, calendar appointments, contacts, and tasks
Microsoft PowerPoint – used to create slides for presentations, meetings and more
Microsoft Power BI – used to collect and transform data to create visually immersive and interactive dashboards 
Microsoft Project – a tool for planning, resourcing and tracking projects
Microsoft SharePoint – business collaboration and document management platform
Microsoft Teamsused for collaboration, video and audio meetings, and shared documents
Microsoft Visio – create business diagrams, flowcharts, org charts, timelines, floor plans and more
Microsoft Word – create, format, and manage documents, reports, and letters

Ready to get started with any of these Microsoft Office programs? Let’s talk.

Microsoft Training Computer Courses

Microsoft Training Courses

Keystroke Learning offers a wide range of Microsoft computer courses.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Office 365, Outlook, OneNote, Project, SharePoint, Teams, Visio – you name it, we have it. Our experts are certified trainers with extensive experience in using these software applications and teaching Microsoft training courses nationwide.

Microsoft Access is a flexible database application that is used to store information for reference, reporting, and analysis purposes.

Microsoft Access can help you analyse extremely large amounts of information, and it manages related data more efficiently than Microsoft Excel or other applications.

Microsoft Excel is perhaps the most important software application used in business today. Excel spreadsheets are excellent for working with business information. 

Data is inserted into individual cells in rows or columns, which can then be used for both simple and complex calculations using formulas.

With Office 365 you have access to your Office applications from anywhere at any time. Log in with your Office 365 account and everything is there ready to go, all your Office applications and much more. 

Also, with your subscription, you get automatic updates for your applications, no more waiting for the next version to be released.

Microsoft OneNote is a digital notetaking application that allows users to type or add handwritten notes, drawings, audio recordings, file attachments, screen clippings, and video.

It’s an application most people have access to but don’t realise the benefits of using such a powerful program.

At Keystoke Learning we like to describe Microsoft OneNote as the best application you’ve never used!

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager which is part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although it is primarily used as an email application.

Outlook also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager and note taking tools. 

Users can quickly create appointments and meetings, add contact information, and set up tasks to assist with time management tasks.

Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) is a business intelligence and analytics tool. It can easily connect to a huge range of data sources, including your existing Excel spreadsheets, SQL databases, and more.

Once connected, it allows transformation and cleansing of data to create visually immersive and interactive dashboards, providing end users with live real time analytics of data that they use on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

Microsoft PowerPoint is used to create professional looking slideshows that can be displayed on projectors or big-screen TVs.

During a presentation, PowerPoint slides are used as backdrops to reinforce the key points made by the presenter and to add visual information.

Slides can also be sent to attendees to provide extra information before or after the presentation.

Microsoft Project is a project management software application that displays information in a Gantt chart.

It is used to develop project plans, assign resources, such as employees, tradespeople or developers to tasks, track progress, maintain schedules and analyse workloads.

Microsoft SharePoint is used by companies for intranets, document management, employee collaboration, process automation and much more; all centralised through a single comprehensive platform.

It is customisable, so a business can build the specific tools required within SharePoint.

Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration tool that is part of the Microsoft 365 Suite. 

It can be used for video conferencing, instant messaging, shared file storage, document co-authoring and much more. Microsoft Teams helps teams work together remotely.  

Microsoft Visio is a business diagramming application used to create layouts, diagrams, and charts. It can be thought of as design program for “non-designers”

Visio has a huge library of standard images for use in flowcharts, decision diagrams, workflows, and network diagramming.

Microsoft Word is a word processing program used to create various business documents. 

It is the standard for all word processing programs on the market due to the wealth of features and tools it contains. Word can be used to create letters, memos and reports.

Microsoft Training Courses Near Me Close By in Australia In Melbourne

Microsoft Training Courses Near Me

If you are wondering where you can attend the best Microsoft training courses, you have come to the right place. 

Keystroke Learning offers a wide array of courses that can be organised as Training at Your Workplace or Training away from the Office.

Depending on where you live and work, we will find the best solution to suit your needs. Contact us today and together we will arrange a course that best matches your requirements.

Microsoft Courses Melbourne

Keystroke Learning is based in Melbourne, Australia. Consequently, our courses are generally delivered in the Melbourne CBD and suburbs.
Some of the locations in the Melbourne metropolitan area where we have delivered training courses:

Microsoft Training in Australia

If you live outside of Melbourne or the surrounding suburbs, we have solutions to cover your requirements.
Keystroke Learning organises courses nationwide and even internationally. In fact, we often travel to the following areas:

Regional Areas

Major Cities

Our Fly Me a Trainer option is great if you don’t live in Melbourne but want in-person training. On the other hand, if you prefer an online option, take a look at our Live Online Training.

Find out more about the different modes of training that we offer on our Learning Methods page or view our full range of software training in Melbourne.

Keystroke Learning - Building Computer Skills to Enable Success

Learn Today Face to Face Online with Keystroke Learning

Learn with Keystroke Learning

Our training approach is professional yet friendly, motivating participants to learn quickly and easily. 

When you complete our training course, you will be ready to apply your new skills right away. 

If you have a customised training solution in mind or need to schedule our popular computer courses
Interested in learning more about our offerings?
Our team will take the time to discuss your requirements and help you make smart decisions that best meet your needs.
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