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Selecting All Text with Similar Formatting

Have you ever received a document from someone that has been formatted in the wrong manner, not used styles when they should have, or you have realised that you have incorrectly formatted multiple sections of a document with Calibri 11 pt. instead of Verdana 10 pt. yourself?

Well, there is one nifty feature in Microsoft Word and Outlook that can help you adjust multiple parts of your document in just a few clicks.

You’ll save time by selecting all the text with similar formatting so you can tweak them all at once.

The feature you are looking for is called the “Select Text with Similar Formatting” command which is in the Editing group.

To use this feature, follow the steps below for each of the individual programs.


  1. Highlight some text with the formatting you want to change.
    Selecting all text with similar-formatting
  2. Go to the Editing group and click on Select.
  3. From the dropdown list choose Select all text with similar formatting.
    Selecting all text with similar-formatting
    Selecting all text with similar-formatting
  4. Then you can change all the selected text as you wish.Selecting all text with similar-formatting

Now let’s say you want all the text from the Word document to be put into an email and the easiest way would be to copy and paste the entire document but the problem is styles from Word have come across that you don’t want to include in the email.
Let’s use Select Text with Similar Formatting to fix this problem.


  1. Select the text you want to find.
  2. Click the Format Text tab.
  3. Click the Select button, and then click Select Text with Similar Formatting.

    Selecting all text with similar-formatting
  4. Make the required changes and click away from the text.Selecting all text with similar-formatting

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