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How much time do you spend scrolling around Word documents? I bet it’s a lot, especially if you work with long documents like reports or contracts. This is something you can do this much more efficiently if you turn on the Navigation Pane.

In Microsoft Word, try the following steps:

1. Check that your document is using Styles.

Word document with Styles


2. Go to the View Tab and tick Navigation Pane.

Word Navigation Pane checkbox



The Navigation Pane appears to the left of the screen.

Selections from the Navigation Pane

3. Click the Headings in the Navigation Pane to go directly to the content.

You can also Right click on the headings for extra options such as collapsing or expanding the document content.

You can also easily move content by dragging it up or down in the Navigation Pane. You will find this much easier than trying to drag pages of content around within the document itself.

As you can see, turning on the Navigation Pane can make working with a multi page document so much easier, saving time and effort!

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