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Terms and Conditions

For All Services

Paying Invoices:

Invoices must be paid in full by the due date on the invoice or 10 business days before the course start date, whichever is earlier. Failure to pay in accordance with these terms does not mitigate the client’s obligations to Keystroke Learning.


Retaining Intellectual Property and Proprietary Rights:

Unless otherwise agreed, Keystroke Learning retains proprietary rights to all materials and documents used in the provision of services. Where materials and documents incorporate a client’s confidential or proprietary information, Keystroke Learning retains proprietary rights to all materials not provided by the client.


No Warranties are Expressed or Implied:

Every care is taken in the provision of all Keystroke Learning services. The purchase of Keystroke Learning’s services does not imply or express a warranty that the services provided are relevant to the specific needs of the client. The client is responsible for ensuring the services are appropriate for their requirements.



Keystroke Learning has Professional Indemnity Insurance in excess of $1 million and Public Liability Insurance in excess of $5 million.   If services are provided on a client’s premises, the client is responsible for providing adequate workplace related occupational health and safety insurance and any other insurance for employee-related risk while providing the services. The client indemnifies Keystroke Learning from any such claims.


Protecting Confidential and Proprietary Information:

Any confidential or proprietary client information disclosed to our representatives is kept confidential and used only to deliver services for the benefit of the same client.


No Engaging Representatives:

The client agrees that during the term of this agreement and for a period 6 months following its expiry they will not employ, contract or in any way seek to engage any Keystroke Learning representatives, including all staff and subcontractors, without the prior written consent of Keystroke Learning. Nothing in this clause prevents or restricts a party from hiring any person who has responded to any published advertisement of positions with the other party.



This agreement is governed by the laws of Victoria.



Training Services

Must Run Policy:

We understand the inconvenience caused by cancelled courses. Therefore, as far as reasonably possible, notwithstanding illness or injury, or unforeseen external influences beyond our control, scheduled courses will not be cancelled by us.

Note that this may necessitate a change of venue, in which case Keystroke Learning will make every endeavour to provide ample notification of the change prior to the original course date

In the unlikely event of cancellation, the Client will be entitled to a full refund of the course fee or the option of another suitable date.

Keystroke Learning shall not be liable for any other loss or expense arising.

NOTE: Course run outside of the state of Victoria may require minimum numbers.


Providing a Workable Learning Environment:

Keystroke Learning aims to provide a safe and conducive learning environment for all participants.   If a participant acts inappropriately or adversely disrupts their course, Keystroke Learning reserves the right to remove them from the course.   If this occurs, no refund of course fees will be due and Keystroke Learning will advise the booker of the reason/s for the participant’s removal from the course, in writing.


Client or Third Party Venues:

If training is conducted at a venue provided or arranged by the client (including the client’s premises), the client is responsible for supplying an appropriate room and equipment for the delivery of training.   Keystroke Learning accepts no responsibility or liability for any fees and expenses associated with the use of this venue, including hire, catering and cancellation fees.


Travel and Accommodation Fees:

If the Keystroke Learning representative incurs travel and accommodation expenses to access a training venue provided or arranged by a client, including travel time, these charges are payable by the client.   Keystroke Learning will advise the client of any such fees in advance in writing and await the client’s approval before incurring these fees.


Restrictions on Use of Training Materials:

Keystroke Learning’s training materials are provided for the single use by individual participants during and after their course.   Keystroke Learning retains all intellectual property rights in these materials.   Written permission from Keystroke Learning is required for any other use of these materials.   They may not be sold, duplicated or re-used.


Changes to Advertised Course Dates:

Keystroke Learning reserves the right to reschedule a public course if no participants are booked within 10 days of the scheduled course date.

Booked courses will run even with only 1 participant. (Refer to our Must Run Policy)

Substituting Participants:

An alternative person may be substituted for an enrolled participant at any time prior to the start of the course without charge.


Failure to Attend:

Failure to attend without prior notice or a medical certificate, shall be subject to a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the course fee.


Cancelling Courses:

Client requests to cancel a booking must be provided to Keystroke Learning in writing. Course Cancel Requests are subject to the following fees:

  • 10+ business days prior to the course start date: No cancellation fee; or
  • 0-9 business days prior to the course start date: 100% of course fee.


Transferring Courses to Another Date:

Client requests to transfer a booked course to an alternate date must be provided to Keystroke Learning in writing.   Clients are entitled to one Course Reschedule Request per course title.   Course Reschedule Requests are subject to the following fees in addition to the course fee:

  • 10+ business days prior to the course start date: No transfer fee; or
  • 0-9 business days prior to the course start date: 100% of course fee.
Terms and Conditions 24/10/2016

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