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Moodle Training when you need it

Moodle is an open source learning management system (LMS) designed to provide educators, administrators, and learners with a flexible, secure and integrated learning environment.

Originally, it was designed to be used by schools and universities to provide distance learning for students. Since then, it has become widely used by enterprises around the world for online training and learning.

Because it is highly flexible, Moodle can be used to conduct courses online or to support face-to-face teaching, learning and training.

It can also be extended with plugins for assignments, quizzes, grading, certification, as well as social and collaborative learning

Keystroke Learning - Want training on your site? We travel to you

Want training on your site?
We travel to you

Want training on your site?
We travel to you

Training delivered right to your office on a day that works best for your team.
Keystroke Learning - Get fully interactive hands-on experience

Interactive hands-on experience

Get fully interactive hands-on experience

Professional instruction, lots of practice time, and solutions for your Moodle concerns.
Keystroke Learning - We have everything you need to succeed

We have everything you need to succeed

We have everything you need to succeed

Fill out our free assessment and we will determine the right course content for your team.

No Computer? No problem, use our computers

No Computer? No problem, use our computers

If you’re short on computers, we will gladly supply a laptop for each person.
Keystroke Learning - Moodle

Moodle Course Creator 

Moodle Course Creator Workshop

Moodle Computer Training Course

Course Overview

This 1 day Moodle Course Creator workshop is developed for those who want to create and manage courses within Moodle. The topics covered will provide a deeper understanding of the features within Moodle used to create and facilitate courses.

The course assumes no prior knowledge of Moodle. However, people with limited exposure to Moodle or those who have attended the Moodle Administrator Workshop will also benefit from attending this course.

Course Details

Course Skill Level


Class Size

6 Students (max)

Course Duration

1 Day Training Course

Class Times

9:00am -4:00pm



Upcoming Public Courses

There are no upcoming courses at this time.
However, we can add extra courses on demand. This generally occurs once 3 or more people are interested in a course.

Call (03) 9999 7780 or email us with your contact details if you would like us to get in touch when we have enough participants to run the course.

Course Content

Moodle Overview
  • What Is Moodle
  • Log into Moodle
  • Recovering My Lost Password
  • Dashboard Overview
  • My Courses
  • User Profile
File Picker and Text Editor
  • File Picker
  • Getting Files from the File Picker
  • Viewing Files in the File Picker
  • Text Editor
  • Elements of the Text Editor
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
Creating a New Course
  • Adding a Course
  • Course Settings
  • Deleting a Course
Adding Resources
  • Creating a File Resource
  • Creating a Folder Resource
  • Creating an IMS Content Package
  • Creating a Label Resource
  • Creating a Page Resource
  • Creating a URL Resource
  • Common Module Settings
  • Restrict Access
  • Activity Completion
Adding Activity
  • Activities Types
  • Chat Activity
  • Choice Activity
  • Database Activity
  • External Tool Activity
  • Feedback Activity
  • Forum Activity
  • Glossary Activity
  • Lesson Activity
  • Survey Activity
  • Wiki Activity
  • Workshop Activity
Adding Assignment Activity
  • Submission Types
  • Feedback and Submission Settings
  • Grade
  • Check Who Has Not Submitted Assignments
  • Marking Assignments
SCORM Activities
  • What Is SCORM
  • Adding a SCORM Package
  • Attempts Management
  • Compatibility Settings
Quizzes, Questions and Question Banks
  • How to Add a Quiz
  • Adding Questions
  • Feedback
  • Manual Grading
  • What Are Question Banks
  • Category Setup and Management
  • Add a Question to a Question Bank
  • Add and Edit Question Bank
custom computer training options

Any of our courses can be tailored to the unique requirements of your team. Our Off the Shelf courses are modularised with this option in mind, which means that you could mix and match from a selection of existing topics, or we can work with you to develop something specific to your organisation. Either way, we are on hand for advice on the best way to structure your customised training course.

To help you with your customised option, you can choose from our extensive list of course topics. We can then help you to assign the appropriate amount of content based on your training timeframe, and the best order of topics to ensure your training flows well. Our aim is to help every participant gain valuable knowledge and skills.

Keystroke Learning - Moodle

Moodle Administrator 

Moodle Administrator Workshop

Moodle Computer Training Course