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What Style of Training do You Need

Keystroke Learning - Learning Methods - What Style of Training do you Need?

First of all, you will need to decide what type of training will best suit your needs.

Below is a list of training options that Keystroke Learning offers, while a more in-depth description can be found via the links.


Public Training Programs are designed to meet specific training needs. People from different companies all attend the same course at the same time.

These are usually held in the CBD but sometimes regional options are made available.


On-Site – This is designed for group training at your premises or workplace, and it can be either off the shelf or customised training material.

Off-Site – Designed for group sessions at a training venue, usually held in the CBD but can vary according to your location, this can be either off the shelf or customised training material.


In this environment, your facilitator will do a walkthrough of the content and you will then have a chance to work through the task on your own or in groups. These are designed to give participants an opportunity to interact and discuss their own work.


Ideal for individuals with specific knowledge requirements in a software application. It is often used to bring new employees up to speed with software used in the workplace.

Self-Paced Assisted Learning

Combines the best of self-paced learning with the assistance of a live trainer. Self-Paced Assisted Learning is cost-effective for training many people at once in different software, levels or versions, but it is still very personalised.

Live Online Training

Can be delivered literally anywhere around the world. It delivers a blend of traditional classroom training with a dynamic electronic learning solution that allows real-time online instruction to remote users ‒ a virtual classroom if you wish.

Roving Training

A one-on-one or very small group training session generally lasting for less than one hour. Typically, it is structured by allocating timeslots/appointments with individuals. The topics covered throughout the session do not have to be the same level or software package.

Floor Walking

The trainer “walking the floor” responds to individual queries on an ad hoc basis, which is extremely useful and popular for go-live days on large software rollouts and upgrades.

Seminar / Awareness Sessions

Quite often the best solution when a group needs to be brought up to date on technology implementations or new software. These sessions are typically conducted in short time frames and can accommodate large groups.

Melbourne Training Venue

Suite 613, Level 6,   1 Queens Road Melbourne, VIC 3004

Venue Access Hours

Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm

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