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Roving Training

Keystroke Learning - Learning Methods - Roving Training

Roving Training brings an expert facilitator right to your desk to address specific training needs.

Instead of attending a classroom session or joining a group of people who have different training objectives and learning styles, we can target your requirements.

Training Delivered Right at Your Desk

Roving Training is a 1 on 1 or very small group training session which is generally scheduled for short timeframe on a specific subject. Typically, these training sessions are structured by allocating time slots/appointments with individuals. The topics covered throughout the session do not have to be at the same level or software package.

Straight to the Point

Because the training is specific to you, there is no need to wait to get the topic you are interested in. We get right to it. Show us what you are working on and we can use it as an example to personalise your training experience. That way, your session is immediately relevant.

How It Works

In the following example James is scheduled for 9:30 for half an hour to work on Pivot Tables. Once this is completed, the trainer visits Ellen for a 10:00 session to help solve a problem she is having with Photoshop. The trainer then continues visiting each person in the schedule, addressing their individual requirements.

Key Benefits of Roving Training

  • Receive training right at your desk
  • No setup required
  • Personalised training
  • Cost-effective
  • Immediate relevance

Other Options

If your time frame is more fluid, you may find that our Floor Walking style approach is an even better solution. Live Online Training is another option you may wish to explore.

Melbourne Training Venue

Suite 613, Level 6,   1 Queens Road Melbourne, VIC 3004

Venue Access Hours

Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm

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