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Live Online Training

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You can’t always make it to a classroom, so we bring the classroom to you!

With Live Online Training, staff can avoid the time and expense of traveling and participate in a training session from the comfort of their home or office.

Learn Wherever You Are

Live Online Training sessions can be delivered literally anywhere around the world. Whether your employees are based in one location or various locations, we can deliver live online training to them anywhere they have internet access.

This solution takes educational, training and collaborative experiences to a whole new level. It’s a dynamic learning solution that allows real-time online trainers to work directly with remote users in a virtual classroom environment.

Fully Interactive

Live Online Training connects participants interactively through cutting-edge audio and video with document sharing capabilities.

These sessions also offer a wide array of features to make it easy for your organisation to promote real-time, online learning, including:

Audio/Video Conferencing – Allows the instructor and learners to use video and audio for a more dynamic learning experience.

Desktop Sharing – Gives learners an up-close view of the instructor’s PC desktop to facilitate the demonstration of applications and the illustration of complex concepts.

Document Sharing – Makes it possible for the instructor to share PDFs and files that learners can download, view and use.

Online Discussion – Promotes greater interaction between the instructor and learners. Learners can “raise their hand” virtually to get the instructor’s attention.


Training has been provided for head office staff, but a team stationed at a remote site also need training. Because of the logistics and expense involved, Live Online Training is provided as a cost-effective solution.

Key Benefits of Live Online Training

  • Receive training right at your desk
  • No Travel Involved
  • Less time away from the job
  • Implement your new skills right away

Other Options

If online training is not the solution, have you considered our Fly Me a Trainer option? This can be delivered nationwide or internationally.

If you prefer face to face training, we have a comprehensive range of Full Day, Half Day and Workshop training courses ready to go. Any of our courses can be delivered at your Workplace or at a convenient training venue.

Melbourne Training Venue

Suite 613, Level 6,   1 Queens Road Melbourne, VIC 3004

Venue Access Hours

Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm

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