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Learning Methods

Keystroke Learning - Do you like learning computer courses alone or in a group?

Do you like learning computer courses alone or in a group?

Whatever your preference, Keystroke Learning offers a wide choice of training methods. Don’t leave your staff sitting frustrated and confused at their computers, tying up time asking IT or colleagues for help.

Keystroke Learning specialises in delivering software training. We know how to build training programs and we know how to deliver them. We provide training in a large variety of software packages, specialising in Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Workspace, eLearning and more.

No matter what form of training you require, we've got you covered.

What Style of Training Do You Need?

We know how to build a training program and we know how to deliver it. We provide a wide range of different training styles. No matter what form of training you require, we’ve got you covered.

Training Courses

Standard courses don’t quite meet your needs? Get in touch and we’ll customise a course just for you. It could be a mash-up of topics from a range of different courses, or we can build you something totally new.

Off the Shelf
Training Courses

Just want to stick with the classics? Off the shelf courses are designed around the most popular topics requested by our clients. We’ve done all the heavy lifting so you can just show up and start learning.

Training at Your Workplace

What’s that? You’ve got your own training room? Just let us know where, when, and what you need covered and we’ll be there with bells on. You get bonus points if the coffee is good.

Training Away
from the Office

Too many distractions at the office? We have a training venue so you can be focused on your learning, not your email. Let’s face it, your email will be there when you get back.

Live Online

Living in the Bahamas or a rural area? If so, we can run online training, with a real live trainer. As long as you have an internet connection, and a headset or a phone, we can work together.

Full Day
Training Courses

Comprehensive, full-day training courses allow more time to fully explore the features of an application. These in-depth, interactive courses cater for all levels of users, from beginners through to those with more experience.

Half Day
Training Courses

Don’t have time for a full day out of the office? No problem. Short, sharp, and to the point, our half day courses will get you up and running with a minimum of fuss so you can get right back to doing what you do best.


None of the above. That’s ok, let’s do a workshop. This option means you really get to shine. No hard and fast rules here, the outline is just a guide. We encourage interaction, networking and real-life scenarios.

Training Sessions

Would you like some personal attention? Perhaps you need to get up to speed with several programs or features. We can deliver training right at your desk, meeting room, or boardroom, just for you.


Do you have people who would benefit from short, sharp training sessions at their own desks? Just give us a list of each person’s training requirements and we will help them to learn exactly what they need.


Have you just upgraded? Perhaps you are just about to? Our Floor Walking can have a trainer on hand to help get your staff up and running with a minimum of fuss for the time period you require.


Do you have a larger group of employees who require training in systems or software? Seminar style training enables an audience to gain maximum knowledge in an abbreviated time frame.


About to upgrade? We know it can be exciting and just a bit scary. We can really help your people get up to speed quickly with short, targeted sessions to help with your change management.

Self Paced
Assisted Learning

Sounds weird, right? Is it self-paced or is it assisted? Actually, it’s both. You have a manual to work through at a pace that’s right for you and our trainer will be there in the room helping out if you get stuck.

Fly Me a

Fly Me a Trainer is no different from classroom training since it consists of the same setup. The only difference is that the trainer travels to your site instead of the participants coming to us.


You’ll get a USB pen containing a copy of your manual and exercise files, lifetime support after the course, and a certificate on request. Our Learning Management System (LMS) is also available if required.
Keystroke Learning - Building Computer Skills to Enable Success

Learn Today Face to Face Online with Keystroke Learning

Learn with Keystroke Learning

Our training approach is professional yet friendly, motivating participants to learn quickly and easily. 

When you complete our training course, you will be ready to apply your new skills right away. 

If you have a customised training solution in mind or need to schedule our popular computer courses
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Our team will take the time to discuss your requirements and help you make smart decisions that best meet your needs.
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Keystroke Learning - Building Computer Skills to Enable Success

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