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Microsoft SharePoint Workshop

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Course Overview

Participants on this Microsoft SharePoint Workshop 1 day workshop will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of SharePoint and you will be given a solid foundation of skills upon which to build.

The course assumes no prior knowledge of SharePoint, however, you should be familiar with the Windows environment and using the Internet. People with limited exposure to the software and those who are currently working on sites created by others will also benefit from attending this workshop.

On completion of this Microsoft SharePoint Workshop participants will learn to:

  • Navigate SharePoint Sites
  • Set up Site Permissions
  • Work with Lists and Libraries
  • Search in SharePoint
  • Work with Files and Items

  • Work with Calendars
  • Create Views
  • Author Wiki Pages
  • Manage Documents
  • Build Team Sites

Microsoft SharePoint Workshop Training Course Details

1 Day (9:00am – 4:00pm)

Maximum of 10 students

15 min

1 hour

15 min


Brendon presented a very good course, well-paced and enjoyable


Microsoft SharePoint Workshop

Getting to Know SharePoint

  • What is SharePoint
  • Course User Accounts
  • Core Elements of a SharePoint Site
  • Lists and Libraries

Navigating a SharePoint Site

  • Navigation Elements in a SharePoint Site
  • Using the Navigation Bars
  • Using Links in the Page
  • Displaying all Content in your Site

Managing Security

  • Understanding Permissions
  • Understanding Inheritance
  • Breaking Permissions Inheritance
  • Viewing Permissions for Users and Groups
  • Adding and Removing Users to a Group
  • Granting Unique Permissions to a Library or List
  • Restoring Permissions Inheritance

Documents Lists and Libraries

  • Selecting Files and Items
  • Downloading a Copy of a Document
  • Emailing a Link to a Library and Document
  • Viewing Version History
  • Creating an Alert on a Document, List or Library
  • Managing Your Alerts

Working with Files and Items

  • Uploading a Single File and Multiple Files
  • Uploading Files Using an Explorer Folder
  • Creating a new Document and Folder
  • Deleting a File or List Item
  • Restoring a deleted File or List item
  • Understanding Versioning and Check Out
  • Using Check in and Check Out
  • Publishing a File or List Item
  • Restoring an Earlier Version
  • Checking Permissions on Files
  • Understanding Document Co-authoring

Creating Lists and Libraries

  • Adding a Document Library
  • Adding and Importing a List
  • Adding a Column to a List or Library
  • The List and Library Settings Page
  • Changing the Versioning Settings
  • Deleting a List or Library

Working with Calendars

  • Adding a Calendar
  • Adding an Event and Recurring Events
  • Changing an Event
  • Connecting a Calendar to Outlook
  • Working with Connected Calendars in Outlook
  • Deleting an Event

Creating Views

  • Creating a Custom View
  • Modifying a View
  • Specifying Sort and Filter Criteria
  • Specifying Grouping Criteria
  • Specifying Other Criteria
  • Deleting a View

Authoring Wiki Pages

  • Understanding Page Types
  • Placing a Wiki Page in Edit Mode
  • Inserting and Formatting Text
  • Inserting Tables
  • Inserting Pictures
  • Inserting Links
  • Inserting Web Parts into a Text Editor Control
  • Creating a New Wiki Page
  • Linking to an Existing Wiki Page
  • Linking to a New Wiki Page
  • Renaming a Wiki Page
  • Deleting a Page

Creating Team Sites

  • A Reminder About Sites and Site Collections
  • Understanding the new SharePoint Site Page
  • Creating a Team Site
  • Branding your Site
  • Change the Look Options
  • Changing the Look of a Site
  • Adding Navigation Links with Drag and Drop
  • Adding Links to a Navigation Bar
  • Reordering and Deleting Links
  • Saving a Site as a Template
  • Deleting a Custom Template

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