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Articulate Storyline Training Courses

Articulate Storyline is an eLearning authoring software application that allows you to build interactive online content including quizzing, screen recording, and software simulation.

Storyline content can be viewed not only on a computer, tablets and mobile devices, it also integrates with many Learning Management Systems (LMS).

The software is suitable for beginners through to experts due to its interface looking similar to that of Microsoft PowerPoint.

An Articulate Storyline course at Keystroke Learning can quickly have you using the software like a pro.

If you are just starting out, you will be guided through the basics to gain fundamental skills, while more experienced users will benefit from exploring advanced features of the application.

During your course, you will benefit by learning from the experience of our highly skilled and qualified Articulate Storyline trainers.  We deliver hands-on Full Day, Half Day, Workshop and Live Online Training courses to make sure you gain the practical experience you want, and we love passing on our favourite tips and tricks.

If you would like to book a course for your team, we provide group bookings or 1 on 1 training on dates to fit your schedule. Just contact us to discuss your needs. We are also able to customise  the training course to your requirements.

We provide in-house Articulate Storyline training nationwide, and we are based in Melbourne, Australia.

Articulate Storyline Training Courses

Articulate Storyline Computer Training Course
Articulate Storyline Computer Training Course

Which Articulate Storyline training courses would you like to find more about?

Articulate Storyline Fundamentals Workshop1 DayBeginner
Articulate Storyline Intermediate Workshop1 DayIntermediate
Articulate Storyline Advanced Workshop1 DayAdvanced

Articulate Storyline FAQ

What is Articulate Storyline?

Articulate Storyline is an eLearning authoring software package that enables users to build more immersive, engaging learner experiences with video and simulations. It helps you to build interactive online content. This includes quizzing, screen recording, and software simulation.

Storyline content can be viewed on mobile devices and it can be configured to track participant progress and results. The software is suitable for users from beginners through to experts due to its familiar interface – the look is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. This reduces the learning curve so you can get up to speed quickly.

Who uses Articulate Storyline?

Storyline can be used in virtually any environment where rapid authoring of eLearning content is required, and it is used by a wide variety of individuals. They include learning and development personnel, corporate trainers, sales and support staff, human resources and compliance officers, and many others.

eLearning content can be used for onboarding new team members, as a follow up from hands on or face to face training, or for improved staff training where distance and different time zones may be a factor.

Some examples of content created using Articulate Storyline are:

  • Product demonstrations
  • Software simulations
  • Compliance training
  • Quizzes

These are just some of the ways in which Storyline is used, but there are many more. The creation of just about any kind of eLearning content can be achieved using Articulate Storyline.

Should I buy an Articulate Storyline for Dummies style of book or attend a Training Course?

Have you ever wondered why the Dummies books are so popular? Well, it’s probably because so many of us are self-taught, using Google to find out how to use a function, or we are shown how to use software by someone at work. Although this can be useful, it also means we tend to spend a lot of time with trial and error, or we are just picking up somebody else’s bad habits. Trial and error unfortunately involves a lot of error, and the bad habits you pick up will probably be passed on to the next person, so soon they spread across the business, meaning entire teams can end up working inefficiently.

At this point, you might head to the bookstore or do an online search to find an Articulate Storyline for Dummies book to help with some of those tricky problems. That’s a step in the right direction, and we sometimes use reference manuals ourselves. The problem is that it still takes time to find the information you need.

Our Articulate Storyline courses are designed to target the key features and tools included in the applications to help you get back to work and apply them right away.

Why choose Keystroke Learning?

We Know What Works – We specialise in hands-on, interactive training courses. Training managers and participants tell us that this approach is the most effective way to learn.
We Listen – By gaining a better understanding of your needs and listening to your feedback we can be sure the training is right for your abilities and goals.
We Innovate – We keep abreast of changing technologies and are constantly developing new courses and updating existing courses to reflect current best practices.

Why should I attend a Storyline Training Course?

Attending an Articulate Storyline course with Keystroke Learning will show you how to use the most efficient methods to achieve your daily tasks. Not only that, but you will discover best practices and shortcuts to make your business tasks even quicker, so you can get on with your day. Our goal is to help you get to the point where you are focussed on the task at hand rather than the tool you are using.

Typically, one of our experienced trainers will walk you through the features and functions of the software, then you will try them out on your own, with tips and guidance on getting the best out of the features. We also encourage participants to ask lots of questions to help you get the most out of your learning experience.

You’ll receive a manual to take away at the end of the course, as well as exercise files so you can practice later, or just to jog your memory when you need.

Is it best to do a full day or a half day course?

Well, it all depends on your particular needs and the amount of time you have available. A half day course will target a smaller number of topics, while a full day course allows time to cover more. Either way, the training course will provide in depth coverage of the features you need to learn, while allowing time for questions and interaction.

It really comes down to the specific topics you want to cover and the time you have.

Where are you based?

Keystroke Learning is located in Melbourne, Australia. Most of our training courses take place in the Melbourne CBD, but we also provide in-house Articulate Storyline training nationwide.

Do you provide online training?

You bet, our Live Online Training courses can be delivered virtually anywhere around the world. Whether your employees are based in one location or various locations we can deliver live online training to them anywhere they have internet access.

This solution takes educational, training and collaborative experiences to a whole new level, it’s a dynamic learning solution that allows real-time online trainers to work directly with remote users in a virtual classroom environment.

What if I need help after my course?

We’ve got you covered. Every course we run comes with post course support. Just contact us using the support page, or email us at We will do our best to help you out if you run into a problem.

Can I show my learners the screen?

Absolutely, using Storyline you can create screencasts to show your learners exactly what they need to know by recording your screen activity. Once you have done this you can easily add captions, characters, and pan‑and‑zoom effects. This way you make your eLearning content as engaging as possible, which helps your audience to truly follow along to get the most out of their learning experience.

I have a PowerPoint presentation; do I have to recreate it?

Not at all, in fact you can import your slides from PowerPoint directly into Articulate Storyline, so there is no need to rebuild the whole thing.

Can I reuse a question or do I have to write it again?

Yep, you can reuse as many questions as you like using Storyline. First, you will need to create a question bank. Once this has been done you can draw individual slides from your question bank, or just a subset if required. You can also randomise the questions so that your quizzes don’t become predictable or boring.

Can my users view a course on their iPad?

Yes, Articulate Storyline comes with a built-in mobile player, which is available as a native iOS app. This means that eLearning content you have created using the software can be viewed seamlessly on an iPad.

Can I add Storyline content to my LMS?

Yes, you can. Once you have created your eLearning content, you can use the Publish function in Storyline. From here you have several options for publishing. Choose LMS and then fill in the appropriate information. In the LMS: dropdown, choose SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) and then Publish.

Depending on the specifics of your LMS, you can typically add or import the SCORM file and you content is added. Once there, your content looks just like any other content.

How do I book a course?

The easiest way is to give us a call on (03) 9999 7780 and let us take care of all the hard work. Or, you can fill in your details on our booking form.

What if I want to customise a course?

If an Off the Shelf solution is not quite what you are looking for, training courses can be tailored to the unique requirements of your team. Our courses are modularised with this option in mind, which means that you could mix and match from a selection of existing topics, or we can work with you to develop something specific to your organisation.

Either way, we are on hand for advice about the best way to structure your customised training course.

Where to from here?

Your learning doesn’t stop once you have completed your course. We hope you will continue your experience by taking some time to practice what you have learned and apply it to your own situation and environment.

If we have done our job well, you may be inspired to learn even more by attending another course. If you are looking for something other than Articulate Storyline, we have a comprehensive range of courses available for you to choose from.

We are here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further advice.

What’s included in the course.

You’ll find there is quite a lot included in your course. All Keystroke Learning courses come with a USB Pen loaded with your course manual and exercise files, along with a notepad so you can scribble down all those handy shortcuts.

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