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Articulate Storyline Training Courses

Articulate Storyline is an eLearning authoring software application that allows you to build interactive online content including quizzing, screen recording, and software simulation.

Not only can you view Storyline content on your computer, tablets and mobile devices, but it also integrates with a number of Learning Management Systems (LMS).

With Articulate Storyline course at Keystroke Learning, you can start using the software like a pro in the blink of an eye.

If you have no prior experience with this software, our experts will guide you through the basics so that you gain fundamental skills.

On the other hand, more experienced users will surely benefit from exploring more advanced features of this software.
Our trainers are highly skilled and qualified, as well as experienced and enthusiastic when it comes to teaching Articulate Storyline. This has proved to be extremely beneficial to course participants.

We teach Full Day and Half Day courses, as well as Workshop and Live Online Training courses. In all of them, you will gain the practical experience that you want, as we love passing on our favourite tips and tricks.

In addition, if you would like to book a course for your team, we offer regular group bookings as well as 1 on 1 training sessions. You also have the option to take Customised Training Courses to match your exact requirements.

Finally, we provide Articulate Storyline Training at Your Workplace in Melbourne and surrounding areas, as well as nationwide.
Whichever learning method you prefer, just give us a call. We will be glad to discuss your requirements.

Articulate Storyline Training Courses

Articulate Storyline Computer Training Course
Articulate Storyline Computer Training Course

Which Articulate Storyline training courses would you like to find more about?

Articulate Storyline Fundamentals Workshop1 DayBeginner
Articulate Storyline Intermediate Workshop1 DayIntermediate
Articulate Storyline Advanced Workshop1 DayAdvanced

Articulate Storyline FAQ

What is Articulate Storyline?

Articulate Storyline is an eLearning authoring software package which enables you to use video, simulations and other features to create more immersive and highly engaging content for your learners.

With Storyline, you can easily create interactive online content, such as quizzes, software simulation and screen recording and also track your learners’ progress and results. One of the many reasons why Storyline software is suitable for both beginners and experts is the fact that its interface is very similar to that of Microsoft PowerPoint. This feature reduces the learning curve, so you will advance quickly and effortlessly.

There are a number of great features of Articulate Storyline. If you would like to read about all of them or get more detailed answers to some of the FAQs, take a look at our Articulate Storyline Ultimate Guide.


Who can use Storyline?

This software can be used by both beginners and experts. Wherever there is a need for rapid eLearning content authoring, Storyline is the way to go.

It can be used by a variety of individuals: learning and development personnel, sales and support staff, corporate trainers, human resources and compliance officers, etc.


Can I show my learners the screen?

Of course you can. When in Storyline, you can use its fantastic screen recording feature to create screencasts and show your learners exactly what they need to know. Having done this, you can add captions, characters, and pan-and-zoom effects very easily.

This way, you will make your eLearning content highly engaging, which will help your learners follow along and get the most out of their learning experience.


I have a PowerPoint presentation – do I have to recreate it?

Apart from having a similar interface to PowerPoint, Storyline is also compatible with it. You can easily import your slides from PowerPoint directly into Storyline. This way, there is no need to recreate your presentation.

Can I reuse the question or do I have to write it again?

Absolutely, you can reuse as many questions as you want.

First, you need to create a question bank. After that, you can draw individual slides or a subset from the question bank. There is also the possibility to randomise the questions so that your quizzes don’t become predictable and boring.


Can my learners view a course on their iPad?

Of course they can. One of the best features of Storyline is precisely the fact that it is compatible with various devices.

It comes with a built-in mobile player, which is available as a native iOS app. This way, your learners can view the content on their iPad.

Can I add Storyline content to my LMS?

Yes, of course. You have several options to publish content created in Storyline since it is compatible with many kinds of LMS.

To read a detailed instruction, go to our Ultimate Guide.

Learn Storyline from a book or take a Storyline course?

You can gain some theoretical fundamentals by reading a book on this eLearning software. This can be useful if you want to be introduced to it or find out more about it.

However, when you read a book, there is no interaction. There is nobody to show you exactly how to do something. Therefore, you can easily become frustrated.

In addition, you can’t really expect your book to answer your questions, as there is no feedback.

Finally, there are so many details that you can overlook while reading a book and thus end up learning to use the software in the wrong way.

On the other hand, our Articulate Storyline courses are designed precisely to address key features and tools of this software, as well as to enable you to ask questions and clarify all your doubts.

Why should I attend a Storyline training course?

When you complete a Storyline training at Keystroke Learning, you will learn how to use the most efficient methods to achieve your daily tasks.

In addition, the best practices and shortcuts that we teach you will help you do your business tasks more quickly and effortlessly.

Usually, our experienced trainers will first lead you through the functions and features of the software. After that, you will have a chance to use them by yourself while guided by our tips on how to get the best out of each feature.

Finally, we highly encourage our course participants to ask questions since this is the best way to clarify all your doubts. Our trainers will gladly provide you with constructive feedback.

At the end of the course, you’ll receive a manual to take away, as well as exercise files. These will be helpful when you practice later on, or you can use them to jog your memory when you need.

How do I book a course?

If you want to know when you can book a course, see our Articulate Storyline course dates.

To book a course, just give us a call on (03) 9999 7780. You can also fill in your details on our booking form.

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