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Getting Started with Photoshop

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Course Overview

Participants on this 1-day course will gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of Photoshop, including navigating, working with Images and Layers and exploring Image retouching. You will be given a solid foundation of skills upon which to build.

The course assumes no prior knowledge of Photoshop, however people with limited exposure to the software and those who are self-taught you will also benefit from this course.

On completion of this Getting Started with Photoshop course participants will learn to:

  • Photoshop Fundamental
  • Create document
  • Navigate images
  • File formats, file size, colour modes and image resizing
  • Make selections
  • Work with layers

  • Work with colour
  • Create & format text layers
  • Draw and format shapes
  • Retouch and repair images
  • Printing techniques
  • Use the Help menu

Adobe Getting Started with Photoshop Course Details

1 Day (9:00am – 4:00pm)

Maximum of 10 students

15 min

1 hour

15 min


Training manual and resources excellent, delivered with good understanding of what the group needed.


Adobe Getting Started with Photoshop Course Content

Getting to Know Adobe Photoshop

  • Starting Adobe Photoshop in Windows
  • The Welcome Experience
  • Dark Versus Light Interface
  • The Photoshop CC Workspace
  • Understanding Panels
  • Working With the Panel Dock
  • Working With Panels and Panel Groups
  • Panel Techniques
  • Understanding the Tools Panel
  • Working With the Tools Panel
  • Resetting the Tools Panel
  • Understanding the Options Bar
  • Opening an Existing File

Your First Document

  • Creating a New Document
  • Customising and Saving Workspaces
  • Understanding the Rulers and Ruler Tool
  • Understanding the Preferences
  • Dialog Box
  • Saving a Document

Navigating Images

  • Understanding the Document Window
  • Navigating With the Zoom Tool
  • Navigating With the Hand Tool
  • Navigating With the Navigator Panel
  • Navigating With Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Understanding Screen Modes
  • Working With Tabbed Documents
  • Arranging Multiple Documents
  • Working With Multiple Documents

Digital Image Basics

  • Understanding File Formats
  • Understanding Image Size Versus Resolution
  • Understanding File Size
  • Understanding Colour Mode

Making Selections

  • Using the Marquee Tools
  • Understanding the Lasso Tools
  • Using the Lasso Tool
  • Using the Polygonal Lasso Tool
  • Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool
  • Using the Quick Selection Tool
  • Using the Magic Wand Tool
  • Growing a Selection
  • Add to or Subtract From a Selection
  • Saving a Selection
  • Understanding the Refine Edge Dialog Box
  • Refining Hard-Edged Selections
  • Refining Soft-Edged Selections
  • Selecting With Colour Range
  • Moving and Copying Selections
  • Working With Layers
  • Understanding Layers
  • Understanding the Layers Panel
  • Creating a New Layer

Working With Layers

  • Adding Images to Layers
  • Working With Layers
  • Working With the Background Layer
  • Changing the Layer Stacking Order
  • Changing Layer Opacity
  • Transforming Layers
  • Organising Layers Into Groups

Resizing Images

  • Understanding Resizing and Resampling
  • Resizing an Image for Printing
  • Using the Print Dialog Box to Resize Images
  • Resampling an Image for Email or Web
  • Guidelines for Cropping Images
  • Understanding the Crop Tool Options Bar
  • Cropping Images
  • Cropping Images to a Preset Size
  • Applying a Non-Destructive Crop
  • Using the Crop Tool to Add a Border


  • Understanding Colour
  • Colour Fundamentals
  • Understanding the Colour Panel
  • Applying Colour With the Colour Panel
  • Selecting Colours Using the Swatches Panel
  • Selecting Colours Using the Eyedropper
  • Selecting Colours Using the Hue Cube
  • Identifying a Colour
  • Using the Brush Tool to Apply Colour
  • Changing Brush Styles
  • Creating a Custom Brush
  • Using the Mixer Brush

Working With Text

  • Understanding Vector Based Text
  • Adding Point Text
  • Changing Text Size
  • Changing Text Colour
  • Changing the Font Family
  • Installing Typekit Fonts
  • Editing Text
  • Creating a Custom Path Frame
  • Adding Text Inside a Custom Path
  • Filling Text With an Image
  • Creating and Applying Paragraph Styles
  • Creating and Applying Character Styles
  • Creating a Watermark


  • Drawing a Standard Shape
  • Drawing a Custom Shape
  • Arranging Shapes
  • Drawing a Straight Line
  • Selecting and Editing Shape Layers
  • Understanding Guides
  • Understanding Smart Guides
  • Using Smart Guides to Position Shapes

Retouching and Repairing

  • Understanding the Retouch and
  • Repair Tools
  • Removing Blemishes
  • Reducing Wrinkles
  • Removing Stray Hairs
  • Whitening Teeth
  • Intensifying Eye Colour
  • Removing Red Eye
  • Sculpting With Liquify
  • Removing Unwanted Objects and Wires
  • Moving Objects Using Content Aware
  • Using the Clone Stamp Tool


  • Understanding Saving
  • Saving Layered Files
  • Saving PSD Images in Another Format
  • Understanding the Save for Web Dialog Box
  • Optimising Photos for the Web Part 1


  • Printing Single Images
  • Understanding the Print Dialog Box
  • Using the Print Dialog Box
  • Understanding Printing Marks

Getting Help

  • Understanding the Help Menu
  • Investigating New Features
  • Using Online Help
  • Searching for Online Help
  • Accessing Online Tutorials

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