How to Highlight an Entire Row in Excel Using Conditional Formatting

How to Highlight an Entire Row in Excel Using Conditional Formatting

Conditional formatting is an Excel feature you can use when you want to format cells based on their content. For example, you can have a cell turn red when it contains a number lower than 100. But how do you highlight an entire row? But what if you wanted to highlight other cells based on […]

Turn Word Documents into PowerPoint Slides with a single click

Turn Word Documents Into PowerPoint

Need to turn a report into a PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of fuss? Read on A client recently had to set up a presentation quickly. She already had a Word document with the key content but little time to type it up again in PowerPoint No problem, secret button to the rescue! The key […]

How to Doodle in PowerPoint


Have you ever wished that you have more control over how you can interact with your presentation while you’re talking to your audience? This is something that can help make sure you’re getting your point across and connecting with your audience but also something that isn’t always the easiest to achieve with the standard laser […]

Save Time in Excel with AutoFill


Save Time with AutoFill in Excel One of the great time savers in Microsoft Excel is Autofill, but would you like to know how to use it even more effectively? Try this quick tip. Step 1. Enter a value such as a Day or a Month name, then use the Fill Handle at the bottom […]

Want to get the Excel Status Bar to Work for You?


Want to display more useful information on the Excel status bar? Then stop reaching for your calculator and try this quick tip instead! Select any range of cells with numbers. 2. Right click on the Status Bar to display a pop-up menu, then tick the options you want. 3. Note the new information displayed on […]

Have you ever wandered what the Clean Up button does in Outlook?


You can use the Clean Up tool on a single conversation, a folder, or a folder and all of its sub-folders. It searches for emails that are classified as redundant, which means if a message is completely contained within one of the replies, the previous message is deleted or moved to another folder, depending on […]