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BladeX carbon road wheels review

This is a long-term review of my BladeX carbon wheels and when I say long-term I mean 20,000 km+

First off I want to give some information about myself as I don’t consider myself the average rider that rides generally twice a week and covers nearly 5,000km a year as can be seen via my Strava profile. https://www.strava.com/athletes/271828

I have been riding road and mountain bikes the majority of my life and became more serious on the road riding side 20 years ago. I am just about to turn 50 and my average ride is 65km with an average speed of 30-35kmh. When sprinting with my friends I commonly get above 50km. What I guess is not average is my weight over the last twenty years I have fluctuated between 100kg to 118kg and have had lots of problems with snapping spokes on various wheels in the past as I like to push heavy gears.

Back in 2013 I purchased a new Colnago bike but wanted to get a set of custom-built carbon wheels as I know the wheels that came with the bike I would destroy in a relatively short period of time.
After doing a lot of research I came across BladeX and decided to try a pair of their wheels mainly because they were one of the only manufacturers with a weight limit of 120kg and the carbon layup style and ceramic hubs were too good to pass up.

I purchased a set of BladeX basic road 50 with a custom lace pattern, 24 spoke front and 28 spoke the rear, I have never seen another set of carbon wheels in this configuration bar possibly disc wheels.

Click to view larger  –  these are photos after 20,000km

The wheels breaking performance are outstanding even for my weight, they are equally as good if not better than any alloy rims I have had in the past, the only exception is when in the wet the performance is less compared to a set of alloy rims but not to the extent that you feel scared riding them in wet conditions. I must admit I do have another bike set up for riding in the wet and it is only when I get caught out by changing weather conditions that I ride these wheels in the wet.

I have noted the aerodynamics when you get above 35km and the newer designs will be better in crosswinds.

Over the length of time I have had these wheels I have only broken one spoke and lost tension once.

Even today after 20,000km+ the wheels are true, spin freely and perform as good as day one, I could see myself getting another 20,000km+ out of them but will probably replace them when I upgrade my to a disc road bike, at that stage I will get another set of custom-built BladeX wheels.

I know a lot of people are concerned about buying Chinese wheels as we all have heard the different horror stories of wheels and frames breaking, most if not all of these are copies of well known brands, not a Chinese manufacture promoting their own brand.

I honestly believe that these wheels are as good as any of the well-known brands but at a cheaper price without the loss in quality and I do highly recommend them.

So if you are after a new set of carbon wheels for any type of bike why not give BladeX ago.

Tell them Brendon sent you. https://www.bladexcycle.com/

I should also point out that I have not been paid for this review.

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