3 easy ways to take a screenshot without additional software

3 easy ways to take a screenshot without additional software

A screenshot is sometimes referred to as a screen capture or screengrab, is an image that shows the contents of your computer screen. You might need to screenshot to insert into a document for work, for record-keeping, submitting an error message to tech support or maybe you just want to capture a great or interesting […]

Have you ever wandered what the Clean Up button does in Outlook?


You can use the Clean Up tool on a single conversation, a folder, or a folder and all of its sub-folders. It searches for emails that are classified as redundant, which means if a message is completely contained within one of the replies, the previous message is deleted or moved to another folder, depending on […]

How to change a Photoshop Brush Size and Hardness with a single key

 I’ve been using Photoshop for what feels like an eternity and only recently come across a tip and trick that will help you out if you deal with brushes. I have known for a long time that you can use the Square brackets for increasing and decreasing the brush size (to increase press ] and […]

Selecting All Text with Similar Formatting


Have you ever received a document from someone that has been formatted in the wrong manner, not used styles when they should have, or you have realised that you have incorrectly formatted multiple sections of a document with Calibri 11 pt. instead of Verdana 10 pt. yourself? Well, there is one nifty feature in Microsoft […]

New updates for Articulate Storyline could be a game-changer


It’s not often now days when the software manufacturer releases an update it’s a game-changer to the end user of that software. What might appear to be minor changes will be or will certainly be for me when developing articulate storyline projects, a huge time saver. Colour Coded Triggers Panel First of all, the changes […]

Snagit 2020 has just been released with a few new useful features.

Keystroke Learning are Now a TechSmith Recommended Training Provider

When taking a screenshot nothing more than hitting the Print Screen key is needed, you may well wonder why would want to spend money on software for doing that. In case you haven’t heard of Snagit let me explain why it can be better than using the built-in screen capture its part of Windows 10. […]