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3 Reasons to Start Taking Screenshots

Carrying on from my last article about taking screenshots, I was asked what are some of the advantages of using 3rd party screenshots software such as TechSmith’s Snagit. Below are three great examples given by TechSmith.

1. Collaborate With Others

Does your co-worker want your input on a new product they’ve put together? Or do they need you to look over a brochure they are going to have printed? Instead of writing a lengthy email with edits, take a screenshot and wow your co-worker with excellent, efficient Feedback.

3 reasons to start taking screenshots 1

Marking up design concepts onscreen is faster and more effective than a wordy email

2. Demonstrate How To Perform A Function

Don’t just tell. Show! Demonstrate exactly what you’re talking about with a screenshot. By using a screenshot that shows exactly what you mean, there’s less chance that you’ll be misunderstood and that means less confusion, less time explaining, and more time back in your day.
For example, explain to a new employee how to login. Instead of telling them, you can quickly send them a screenshot that they can reference again and again without having to repeatedly ask you.

3 reasons to start taking screenshots 12

A screenshot with numbered steps is quick to make and easy to understand

3. Show Exactly What’s Happening

If you’ve ever contacted your IT Support Department to report a bug, you’ve likely been asked to provide a screenshot. That’s because not everyone’s computer is the same. Depending on your machine, the operating system it’s running, the browser version you’re on, the way something appears for you could be completely different for others.

3 reasons to start taking screenshots 3

Providing a visual example of what you’re looking at helps others see exactly what’s going on and identify what might be going wrong.

A screenshot of an error message helps avoid confusion by showing someone exactly what you’re seeing

What is the best part about screenshots? They’re easy! Screenshots are powerful yet simple to use, in fact, it only takes a second to make a screenshot. So start using screenshots today.

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